Suzanne McGauley


I was born in East Germany before the fall of The  From my earliest years I enjoyed experimenting with colours and textures and consequently art and crafts played a major role during my formative years.
I migrated to Australia in 2001 and settled in the
Northern Rivers Region attracted to its environment and colourful people. Here my passion for all things natural expanded. I was able to closely examine the native plants and I am beguiled by their unique characteristics. Whether I depict people, flowers or landscapes I am drawn to the Australian ambience for its rawness.
When I create a painting or sculpture I am driven to evoke a moment, a mood, a state just before it vanishes.
I developed my own style through sustained experimentation.
I am passionate about creating clay sculptures, and particulary love the textural nature of clay. This transfers to my technique in my painting where I prefer using oils and working with pallet knife & brush applying the impasto technique to give my works the desired depth.


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