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Mosaics have fascinated people for centuries. Intricate designs created from many tiny gleaming pieces immediately capture the eye and give the viewer a dual pleasure – the image itself and the beauty of its constituent parts. Mosaics are both a functional form and a decorative art, making them endlessly versatile and appealing.
When you begin to design and make your own mosaics, the pleasure of creating something out of something else is an intriguing process and quickly becomes addictive.

The craft of mosaic making is easy to start to learn, but can be taken to any level you want.

Suzanne McGauley will teach you how to make functional mosaic art objects for the garden and home. Mosaic advice, hints, do’s and dont’s. How to make original and long-lasting Mosaic stepping stones, platters, garden pot planters and more.
Parent – child teams are welcome! Ask for a quote.

Beginners Mosaic Making Workshop

with Artist Suzanne McGauley

Next Beginners Mosaic Workshop to be announced

All techniques and materials will be covered and you will take home a completed Mosaic artwork.

Outcome    By the end of this course students will have the skills required to create a mosaic piece and see it through to completion. They will have a basic understanding of the requirements for exterior and interior pieces and be able to choose materials accordingly as well as know how to cut materials, prepare bases and grout.

This course is suitable for students with no previous experience in mosaics.

For inquiries & bookings go to contact – or send an e-mail to Suzanne :  or call 0490190214

Group bookings available – get in contact with me!

Suzanne McGauley image

  Mosaic by Suzanne McGauley

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