Suzanne McGauley


I was born in East Germany before the fall of The Wall. From my earliest years I enjoyed experimenting with colours and textures and consequently art and crafts played a major role during my formative years.

After migrating to the Northern Rivers Region with its beautiful environment and colourful people, my passion for all things natural expanded. My creativity was effected strongly by this new environment. I was particularly sensitive to the amazing plants and animals of the region. 

I found the flowers and seed pods of the eucalyptus to be amazing. I would photograph, collect samples and make detailed sketches of Form, noting the details of shape and texture in my artwork. 

In my artwork I’m celebrating the importance and beauty of the Australian ecosystem – a system that is experiencing many threats from climate extremes to habitat destruction.

When I create a painting or sculpture I am driven to evoke a moment, a mood, a state just before it vanishes. 

I developed my own style through sustained experimentation.

I am very concerned with the dynamics of materials using them to their best advantage.




Oceanic focuses on creating organic clay sculptures.
I have always been inspired by different elements of the natural world; plants, animals and other biomorphic forms. I am deeply aligned with Nature and love the shapes, the colours and the aliveness of ecology. I want my work to express the qualities of living organisms. For many years, I have been committed to this type of creative practice.

My intention is to promote a higher awareness of the value of Australia’s ocean life. As a result I have focused on the octopus; one of the most intelligent and fabulous organisms in the sea. They can change shape and colour. They can solve complex problems and are extremely beautiful.

My sculptures evolved from scientific research as well as investigating the use of the octopus image in art historical contexts. Through my sculptures, I would like to take the viewer on a journey of an octopus’s life in its healthy underwater environment.

I do not try to recreate these natural forms, but rather use them as a springboard to create my own organic objects.

I hand-build my work and develop my own stoneware glazes. I’m also a passionate mosaic artist and introduced this craft to the sculpture using handmade tiles and glass.

I have found this body of work to be the most challenging and engaging of my works to date. I hope it delights the audience and promotes an awareness of our beautiful natural environment and the need to protect it.


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